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Thanks for a great Fall Festival!

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You are one of those amazing people who cares about our Antioch-Cane Ridge community and its environment. We are a new, free, nature-based charter school, Tennessee Nature Academy. We believe that “effective learning helps students better understand themselves and build connections to others, to their community, and to the world. We celebrate the diversity of all members in our community.”

We need volunteers to help us with our local community, nature based project. Last fall we held the first annual Pumpkin Festival. We partnered with Blue Hole Farm to till the land, grow a beautiful pumpkin field and hold the first annual Pumpkin Festival. Locals supported our fundraiser and expressed their delight in spending time in the pumpkin patch, not to mention enjoying the band and _____

We need your help with pumpkin tending, no experience needed, just willing hands. If you can donate a few hours we can guarantee a friendly Blue Hole Farm goat will make you laugh, the guineas will tell you all the farm gossip, baby ducks will fulfill your cuteness Quotient, and you just may meet some new best friends as we build community.

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What Our Customers Say

"I have never tasted produce and meats as fresh and delicious as what I get from Blue Hole Farm Nashville. Their commitment to sustainable, small market farming is truly inspiring."

Jane Doe / Nashville

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